Miyama two-days bike tour

A two days cycling tour through beautiful mountains and valleys in the north of Kyoto, all the way to the idyllic village of Kayabuki no Sato.

After leaving Kyoto we will first go through the hot spring village of Kurama, then climb two demanding mountain passes and eventually arrive at the village where we will spend the night in one of the thatched roof farmhouses. We will have time to visit the small hamlet and observe the residents tending their fields and gardens before enjoying a well deserved traditional dinner.

The following day, after an hearty breakfast at the farmhouse we will start making our way back through different valleys that will take us the the Hozukyo gorge and eventually to the Arashiyama area where we will have the chance to check out a unique temple’s garden and the famous bamboo forest before heading back to central Kyoto.

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<p>- Kyoto<br></p><p>- Kurama</p><p>- Hanase pass</p><p>- Sasari pass</p><p>- Kayabuki no Sato</p>

<p>- Kayabuki no Sato<br></p><p>- Hozukyo</p><p>- Saga-Toriimoto</p><p>- Arashiyama</p><p>- Kyoto</p>

Included in the price:

  • - My time and service as your guide.
  • - My meals and entrance fees.
  • - Bike and helmet rental.

Not included in the price:

  • - Your meals refreshments and snacks during the tour
  • - Entrance fees
  • - Accommodation: it's very scarce in Miyama and need to be booked as far in advance as possible. When accommodation in the village of Kayabuki no Sato isn't available we will stay in nearby villages only a few kilometers away. The price will vary depending on the type of lodging.
How long is this tour?

It’s about 70 km each day.

How fit do I need to be?

Whereas the distance and elevation gain are somewhat moderate, there are some steep climbs that require a good level of fitness and familiarity with riding bikes in the mountains.

How many hours does it take?

We’ll be in the saddle for about 5 hours each day.

What should I wear?

– Please wear comfortable clothes appropriate for cycling. Bring also sunglasses or some eye protection and a hat in summer. Rain gear is also a must in case the weather forecast calls for rain.
– Fitness bikes come with a bottle holder and a seat post bag with a capacity of about 10 liters, perfect for a 2 days tour. Please bring a small backpack if you think you’ll have extra luggage. A couple of small rucksacks can be provided on request.

What bikes do you provide?

We use brand new 21-speed ‘Trek’ fitness bikes, the minimum height is 145 cm, the max 190 cm. If you are taller get in touch in advance and we’ll try to provide a bigger bike, not so easy in Japan…

Do you ride if it rains?

Generally speaking, cycling activities will be cancelled only in case of really inclement weather such the arrival of a typhoon. You will be notified days in advance and we will discuss together the best course of action.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Miyama two-days bike tour